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The Antrim House & Feathered Nest
The Antrim House & Feathered Nest


The surrounding neighborhoods of both properties showcase the cultural diversity that exemplifies Cambridge. Both locations have their unique charms and are in close proximity to common conveniences including the post office, a variety of banks, Laundromats and Whole Foods Markets.

The Antrim House

The Antrim House is located in Mid-Cambridge (click here for detailed map). Inman Square lies at the end of Antrim Street. A somewhat hidden gem, it has less hustle and bustle than the city’s other squares but still offers a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Inman Square is the home of the famous S&S Deli and Restaurant which has been operating since 1919. The Antrim House is within walking distance of Central, Harvard and Kendall Squares

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The Feathered Nest

The Feathered Nest is located on Pearl Street in the Cambridgeport neighborhood of the city (click here for detailed map). Central Square lies at the end of Pearl Street and is a bustling, cultural destination providing abundant options for shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife. Central Square is also home to a few famous establishments including Brookline Lunch and The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub. The Feathered Nest is within walking distance of Inman, Kendall and Harvard Squares.

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